Hello, and welcome to a selection of my portfolio!☀️

My name is Raquel Pereira Silva, born in 1993.
My style is that I don’t have one style, I am good at multiple things. I studied graphic design in Utrecht, did an art internship in Barcelona, studied product design on the Design Academy in Eindhoven and now I work in advertising.

My roots lay in Holland, Spain, Portugal and Indonesia.
I recently reconnected with my passion for making illustrations, my heart melts for dogs, I 💜 food, I’m in for an adventure and I can find peace in nature. I think you can get the best out of people when they feel that they can be themselves. So I am currently looking for a job, that comes with that nice and warm feeling 😁

Due to spam I don’t publish my e-mail here. But feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or via my illustrations page on Instagram below.

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