Algae Farm

This is a concept I created during my internship at Havas Lemz 2016-2017 and presented to Longfonds. It’s a campaign about clean air, to make a statement.

Algae are plants, they consume C02 and turn it into oxygen for us to breath in. I found a company, called LGem, that uses this pumping system to harvest algae on a large scale to turn them into supplements. They could make a custom system for us. I wanted to turn it into an object, place it in a very polluted area to make a statement and harvest the algae. The final resulted into a busstop.

While you are standing in the busstop waiting for the bus to come, the algae take in the CO2 from the cars passing and you can breath in freshly made oxygen while reading the explanation from Longfonds in the glass window. After a few months the algae can be harvested. Nothing gets wasted.