De Nieuwe Vermeer

I participated in a four month during contest. Recreating one of the six lost Vermeer paintings. Every week I needed to give Omroep Max TV NPO 1 an update of what I was creating. It was a very hard but educational experience for me. I have photographed my aunt, uncle and niece in the same composition as in the painting ‘The Concert’ by Johannes Vermeer. Showing the love of a composite family. I have used the technique that Vermeer probably also used: ’the camera obscura’. A homely atmosphere created with dog Skye on the floor in a sleeping position to create extra peace. The acrylic pouring hanging on the wall suggests the mixing of families/cultures. The wooden floor and beams placed for perspective. The saxophone reflects as a reference to the mirror I used during the making process. Vermeer, given a modern twist. The fifth of march 2023 it was broadcasted on tv. In april you can take a look at all the works of the finalists in Delft!

Watch episode online: npo start terugkijken

Watch all the creations in this viewing room: De kamer