This is my graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Compression stockings that are easy to put on and take of again. Ni.Ti stands for Nickel Titanium, a shape memory material that reacts on temperature changes. A lot of people use compression stockings and need help to wear them. The stockings come in different colours and patterns. I presented this project during the Dutch Design Week in 2018.

Knitted by Knitwear Lab and sponsored by Knitting Holland.

Publications & Exhibitions

  • De Volkskrant 2 oct 2020
    Ni-Ti was mentioned in an article about design for elderly.
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  • RTL4 Briljant! 19 aug 2020
    I was asked to pitch Ni-Ti on television.
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  • Financieel Dagblad Jong Talent Jan 2019
    FD Persoonlijk presents: “The innovators of 2019. They are young, max 35 years old and they set the tone in The Netherlands and abroad.”
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  • Dutch Design Week oct 2018
    – G18, Graduation Show at the Campina Factory
    – Chronic Health at the Embassy of Health
    Publications: Brandpunt Plus KRO NCRV, Omroep Brabant, Dis-Up!,, etc.
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